Residential designs by Famous Mexican Architect from the State of Sonora, Mexico

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Famous Mexican Architects

Residential architectural projects in San Carlos and Cajeme

Why wait another year to have a good  functional architectural design  and beautiful facades ?

The architect Francisco Sánchez López, an expert in functional architectural design for  his talent and pride in this professional license for more than three decades, offers you his professional services in  urban planning, tourism and residential and commercial architectural designs just  for the to way of life you love, with welfare, comfort, elegance, beauty and security of your family.

  Plastic  architect of the colonial style of the Jesuit missions of Sonora and “Pie a Terré, Mexican colonial or modern for your design sof beach homes and golf courses and subdivisions, condominiums, hotels and shopping of any kind of architecture, in the beach resorts or destinations
beach in San Carlos, Kino Bay, Puerto Penasco, Golfo de Santa Clara, Huatabampito and Las Bocas in Sonora and other tourist destinations in the states of Sinaloa, Jalisco, in Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and San Jose del Cabo on the peninsula Baja California Sur.

 The residences and lofts of the architect Sánchez López have functional spaces with excellent location in optimizing land panoramic views and natural light and guidance for the management of bioclimatic architecture and integrated thermal power savings for construction in the Sonoran Desert and coast of the Sea of Cortez.

 Homes designed in the architectural concept "Sánchez López" contemporary variations on traditional styles and high quality minimalist 180-200, 225 - 275 and 300 or more, square meters of construction. (10.10 sq. feet per meter).

Designed in one or two floor plans with: garage with textured concrete floor entrance porch with flagstone or quarry floor spaces with high ceilings of the rooms, family room, elegant dining room with tiled floors, marble or wood laminated with European breakfast bar kitchen with pine wood, alder, cedar and oak, with double glazed windows with thermal and acoustic technology and a gazebo built four stone columns and wooden beams with climbing plants and water sources.

 Two or three bedrooms carpeted with comfortable bathrooms beautifully decorated with ceramic or tile floors, variation in forms of lightweight roofs finished with clay tiles. Decorative styles with lacquer finished wood applications, dye, and exquisite fine or rustic finish each design.

Gardening with plants and trees of the Sonoran Desert.

 Designed to be built with the highest technology itself from the traditional craft or industrial systems achieve excellent current expansive living spaces.

 The success of the architect Francisco Sánchez López in Sonora and in Galicia, Spain, is due to the architectural quality of residential design projects valued as “good”  for the Sonoran College expert evaluators and directors of works that achieve high gains in the property market when you want to sell your residence, as stated by the Realtors Association of the State of Sonora.

The architect Francisco Sánchez López thanks his customers, friends and suppliers, their preference and trust during 2010 and wished them the best compliments in 2011 and reiterating the commitment to continue designing functional architecture and beautiful quality to competitive prices market.

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