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depredadores del mar de Cortés

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Hola a todos: De nuevo por este mundo de los blogs, que me gustan mucho. fijenense que los depredadores del mar de Cortés, referente a los esteros y maglares de Tastiota. el señor, Pancho Búrque, uno de los peores depredadores y empresario de acuacultura, se a acaba de lanzar para Senador por el Estado De Sonora. Increible¡ Nada más estono faltaba. Porque si este señor, de negro historial entre los panaderos, lloega al Senado, Cambiaran todas las lleyes de ecología a fovor de sus empresas. No queremos este tipo de politicos en Cajeme. El poder economico y el politico en manos de unos, se vuelve dictadura. No a la dictadura en Cajeme y en Sonora con la que se esta transofrmando el estado, con el actual gobernador y ahora este panadero que quiere ser senador. Queremos un Cajeme limpio y libre para escoger a nuestros gobernantes y no este señor que destruye miles de hectareas de mangle.

A Mexican Architect story.

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Hi, dear frieds. long time ago, I have read an interesting article in the Architectural Record Magazine, with a tile: “Jobs outside the architect profession”. Made me think to write my architect story and share it with all of you. During my career, I worked as draftsman and architect designer for a company, during those days I worked several side jobs as Hichol Indian Art professor and gave conferences on the Yaquis Indian Tribe; related to the Carlos Castaneda books: The Yaquis Way of Knowledge for several American Universities in Mexico, Later, as an Advanced Spanish Teacher at Western Washington State College in Bellingham, Wa. In 1977, I graduated from the School of Architecture in the University of Guadalajara, State of Jalisco, Mexico. One of the graduated requirements was 900 hours of Social Work on poor communities and Professional Thesis. The university sent me to the Yaquis territory in the State of Sonora, where as an architect student I designed the regional development for 8 native settlements in their community owned land, along with a reconstruction project for a neoclassic style church, located at the same site from late 1617 and, a an interested project for conservation and improvements for their vernacular homes. Politically, I integrated them in the first autonomous Indian county in Mexico, in order to have more democratically relationship between the Yaquis and the dominant culture and government. That year, I went to the University of Washington in Seattle, to apply for Urban Planning Master Degree scholarship and, as one of the requirements I delivered a copy of my thesis book to the assistant professor. “The doors were closed in front of me because the political concepts of Indian autonomy, the resolutions on regional planning and the administrative and social criticism to the Mexican and Capitalistic establishment were too dangerous for the American Indians Reservation and the American youth”. Back to Mexico, in my home town, from 1978 to 1980, I opened a small architectural design firm and in two years of hard work; “I became a successful architect on commercial, residential and homes designs and construction. Also, al the Yaqui River beach by Vicam Pueblo, I set up my magical realism art and photography and as a results I had several one man art shows in local galleries”. In 1981, tired of the social discrimination by our society, I moved to San Carlos, Sonora, to work in a small American residents beach community in the Golf of California, where first, I worked as designer and supervisor in chief for an local architect. One year later, I opened my firm and by 1987, I became a very well known and experienced architect among Americans; “Because my functional floor plans and the Sonoran Mission Colonial Style, that I invented for architectural facades , interior decoration and landscaping. In 1988, due to my doctor’s prescription: “I had to give up my construction business for physically problem: cement, limb and construction dust, causes me allergies that made me very ill. In order to survive the shock, I mean, a real shock! I kept my architectural design job and decided to have others jobs: Artistic photography and watercolor painter of the Magical Realism Art. a tourist guide in the Yaqui and Seri Indians land and culture, But it was not the same monetary talking”. 1n 1991, I move to Cabo San Lucas, State of Baja California Sur, to open a design office in order to get into the American market of; “the million dollars homes”. Residencies that the California upper class and hotel chains were building on this beach resort. My surprise was that this market was controlled by Los Angeles and Mexico City´s architects and some natives that made everything impossible for the new comers to get the jobs. Consequentlly, I only designed a three stars hotel in downtown Los Cabos. As the expensive way of life in that beach resort, I put my profession aside and hired myself as a photo-journalist for three local newspapers. With this new activity, I introduced the artistic photography in the Baja newspapers and had my own articles. For four years I wrote about environment, art, architecture and covered the social events for the “socialite ladies”. During this fantastic job, I interviewed Mexican and American politicians, governors, majors and covered presidential campaigns . Even John Kennedy, when he was in Los Cabos, he told me “I am just a tourist in Mexico” , when I tried to break his body guards wall. I interviewed several Hollywood artists as Jessica Hann and was a friend of Isabelle Scorpaio. Playboy Magazine ´s Mates, Penthouse’s girls, covered fashion shows and great parties. My strongest and favorite subject was the Gray whale, billfishes sport fishing and turtle protection. An encounter with a gray whale and while looking at her beautiful black eye: “I decided to take protection actions through my news and take a worldwide protection to all the cetaceans”. In the mean time, I participate in several international and local art festivals, because the income was not enough to pay expensive bills. In 1995, because of my income was very low, “I returned to Sonora, to open a design firm, but, this time with a new type of architecture, I made up in Los Cabos: Bio-climate, more friendly wit the environment, with environment protection ISO 14,000 s and Quality ISO 9000 standards products for the building”. Later, with more experience, ” I opened this architecture to a functional Baroque floor plans designed in site and finished them in a Sonoran Colonial Style. The results; a beautiful and practical architecture that was ahead of its time for either American or Mexican cultures. As a consequences; “my clients were dramatically reduced”. As an ecologist, I formed the Whales, Billfishes, Dolphin Protective Society, a Non Governmental Organization. In 1997, I worked as an “extra” in the film: “The Mask of Zorro”. Playing a scene as 1847´s poor Californian Indian and El “Dorado”, gold mine slave, where we had to cried out for: “Justice, Freedom and food to the Spanish governor”. In one scene I was placed next to a Franciscan Padre, at the beach crying out very loud and three times: “Zorro”, “Zorro”, “Zorro”. In another scenes; I was placed one yard behind the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones (from who I fell in love because her beauty and she stole my heart). What a beautiful woman! 150 years later, I am still crying out for justice and work for Mr. Eduado Bours, Governor of the State of Sonora, Mr. Vicente Fox, President of Mexico and Mr. Jorge W. Bush, President of USA. My decline as an architect started in two ways: One, when I turned over 45 years of age and, the Second; because my whales protection, the marine environment conservation and my articles on billfish over fishing, made me to have, many enemies and people did not like or agreed with my opinions and action in pro the environment and whale protection. Consequently, my clients became fewer and fewer. But, as a survivor as I am, anyway, in order to get an income; “I kept my firm and started to sell watercolors to tourist and had art classes, but it was not enough money to live on. In 2002, I celebrated, with some mezcal shots, my “25 years as an Architect”. A life that I worked with passion and strong sensitivity for the art of architecture with style (the Sonoran Colonial) and Baroque functional floor plans. Designs that has been reproduced by others in the construction business, without respecting my authors rights. A type of architecture that few clients are willing to pay for. The September eleven 2001, cruel destruction at New York City, affected my art business because American tourists stopped coming to Mexico, making our economy very bad. By the end of that year, that I refused to remember, I found myself in the middle of two fanatics facts of live: I am one of the strongest marine ecologist and whale protector ( Americans call me “The Whale Man”), because I dared to request, as a President of the Boards of Directors, the Mexico Whale Sanctuary, signed by President Vicente Fox on May,23,2002. But, the cruel reality is, that I have not a capital in my 56 years of age, no retirement policy, no medical insurance, no a decent job and I am surviving in this global economy by selling small watercolors to tourist and the future as an architect is un certain. At this age, I feel myself in the best of my creativity and production to create beautiful, functional and colonial architecture but I am facing unemployment in spite of having a membership in the Mexican Institute of Architects, The Sonora-Arizona Commission and the ICOMOS- Mexicano, A.C. The UNESCO International Committee for Monuments and sites that is protecting the world’s heritage and architecture. Because my opinions and actions in pro the environment and whales conservation and protection of the Sea of Cortes (my only home) Mexicans and Americans of my community have boycotted my career and have denied me a job in home designs, that it has been very hard for me, my job and my life. With their actions, they are attempting against my humans rights, my freedom of speech as an architect and as an ecologist. The rights that any human being has to have for a better environment. But, let me tell you that in spite of the people negativeness. If I have a chance to be born again: ” I will chose the Architect Profession and the Whales Protection. I do not resent anything, because it has been my decision and I take full responsibilities of my actions as architects, because we have to have strong and will for decision to comply a good architectural design anyway. In spite of being an architect: “I am poor, unemployment and without friends. How funny life can be, anyhow. With this story, you can tell that there are other options for architects due to their education, formation, experience and skills. Francisco Sánchez López. Architect, photographer, ecologist on whale protection in the Sea of Cortes. Cultural journalist and art critic. e-mail:

Vi a un López Obrador con temor.

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Desde la valla que se formo por cientos de ciudadanos para escuchar a Ándrés López Obrador y su discuros del proyecto de nación que el tiene, frente a la estatua de "El Caballito" en la Plaza Alvaro Obregón, el pasado 12 de agosto del 2005, fijense que me sorprendió ver, mientras caminaba por hacia el estrado. A un candidato perredista muy preocupado, temeroso, con miedo. Como si temiese algún atentado contra su persona. Ya que semanas anteriores, en Sonora, fue amenazado por el gobernador, quien públicamente aseguró: "Haré todo lo posible para que López Obrador no sea candidato a la presidencia de la República. No queremos otra Lomas Taurinas en nuestro estado. Es increible estos comentarios antidemocráticos, ya que el Presidente Vicente Fox, nos otorgó la libertad de escoger y votar quien nos gobierne. Yo no acepto este tipo de opiniones que atentan contra mi derecho al voto libre y secreto. Creo, que es un error, de quien se siente Dueño de Sonora, actúa como todo cacique politico que quiere controlar a los demás gobernantes. En Sonora tenemos nuestro "Minute Man" de la politica para el 2006. Rechazo rotundamente esta declaraciones tontas y fuera de tiempo por quien, representa a la oligarquia Sonorense que nos ha gobernado por mas de cien años en el estado de Sonora. En Sonora se estima a López Obrador, por su lucha y los 50 puntos que presentó para continuar con la reforma a la Revolución Mexicana, pero ahora, con el punto de vista de la izquierda nueva ya que Geroge W.Busch, nos esta matando de hambre con sus miseros salarios y desempleo que estamos sufriendo los profesionistas en este estado . Todos Unidos contra Bours.

Carta al Presidente Fox. Proteccion Estero El Soldado

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Estimados amigos (as). Hoy deseo compartir con ustedes esta carta enviada al Presidente Fox, solicitandole la protección del estero aqui mencionado. Esta es una accion en pro de la conservación de los hábitats de ballenas en el golfo de California. Si quieres y lo deseas, únete y envia tu porpia carta. Periódico El Imparcial. Carta publicada en Foro Lectores. 16 de Agosto de 2005 Pide proteger a El Soldado Señordirector: EstimadoPresidenteFox: Con un afectuoso saludo le doy la más cordial bienvenida al Estado de Sonora y aprovecho la misma para solicitarle de nuevo, la protección federal del estero El Soldado, en la Comisaría de San Carlos, Municipio de Guaymas, Sonora. Protección que le he solicitado desde el 23 de agosto de 2003, basado en la Constitución y leyes ambientales vigentes, con la idea de prevenir futuras afectaciones por el traslado de dominio y la construcción arbitraria de la carretera costera San Carlos-Miramar, para detonar un desarrollo turístico inmobiliario-urbano-ecológico alrededor del estero y playa contigua. Le suplico la protección federal de este bien de la Nación, por medio de un decreto presidencial donde se estipule: Una planificación ecológica democrática, un ordenamiento ecológico marino y el levantamiento topográfico del estero y su Zona Marítima Terrestre con la aplicación de la norma ecológica NOM-022-Semarnat-2003 y demás normas para así, evitar se contamine este bellísimo estero y la privatización de la playa por concesiones a terceros. Gire usted órdenes al titular de Semarnat para que, alrededor del estero se cumplan con los requisitos del manifiesto del impacto ambiental, los decretos presidenciales y normas ecológicas mexicanas que protegen a las ballenas, los delfines y lobos marinos del Mar de Cortés. Por conducto de usted, queremos hace extensivo nuestro agradecimiento a la Unesco, por la declaratoria de Patrimonio Mundial de la Humanidad que protege a las 244 islas del Mar de Cortés. A nuestro juicio, debió de ser todo el Golfo de California. Respecto al proyecto de Guaymas Marina; Fonatur debe de recapacitar en su empeño por ganarle terrenos a la bahía de Guaymas. ¡Es un gravísimo error! Porque es más viable, consolidar al puerto como centro de transporte de contenedores industriales que una Marina, porque no es factible; combinar obra portuaria, industrial y pesquera con el turismo náutico. Ya que el turismo internacional reclama un mar y playas limpias. La bahía, por su alta contaminación, no cumplirá con estos estándares. Sin más por el momento y en espera de una favorable resolución, quedo de usted, su atentísimo y seguro servidor Arq. Francisco Sánchez López Presidente, Comité Directivo. Sociedad Protectora de Ballenas, Picudos, Delfines, A.C arquitecto, fotógrafo, pintor del realismo mágico, periodista cultural y critico de arte. Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

saber mirar al arte en Cajeme

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Log arte 2 Una Mirada al Arte. Mirar el arte nos brinda inmensas sensaciones emocionales relacionadas a la percepción cultural. La mirada al arte urbano de Cajeme es una comunicación porque interpreta la estética regional. Lo exhibe en obras de murales o de caballete a la sociedad y al turismo que nos visita. Las actuales transformaciones artísticas, sociales, políticas y económicas que influyen en nuestra cultura empresarial, productiva y comercial del arte, están creando una nueva visión social; si consideramos que nuestra ciudad es la segunda de importancia en el estado de Sonora, la cual, trasciende fronteras y el golfo de California, bajo las reglas del liberalismo democrático. Mirar arte es una aventura emocional El arte cajemense muestra lo humano de la sociedad en cuanto a su historia regional. La observancia es una condición emocional, receptiva e intelectual. Que sumadas; proporcionan una experiencia estética como medio de expresión realista, abstracta, expresionista, surrealista, minimalista y demás vanguardias, respecto a la naturaleza; el gran desierto de Sonora. el grupo humano que la habita; El sonorense. Francisco Sánchez López Arquitecto, fotógrafo, pintor del realismo mágico, ecologista protector de ballenas, e-mail: periodista cultural y critico de arte. Periódico El Diario del Yaqui, Ciudad Obregón (Cajeme), Sonora, México.